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Types of Stainless Steel Drinkware

Benefits of Stainless Steel Drinkware

Not contain bisphenol A

BPA stands for Bisphenol A and is found in plastic containers that are harmful to human health. Although some plastic containers now do not contain BPA, there are still some doubts about whether all plastic containers are really as non-toxic as they claim.


No plastic chemical leaching

Just because your plastic container does not contain BPA does not necessarily mean you are safe. In addition to bisphenol A, there are thousands of other chemicals used to make reusable plastic water bottles. You may have heard that a heated beverage or bottle left in an environment such as a hot car can cause chemical leaching—that is, chemicals in a plastic container seep into your beverage. Choosing stainless steel wine utensils does not bring this risk, so in the long run, it is a more sensible choice for your health!


Good temperature retention

Insulated water bottles are all the rage these days, and nothing is more effective than water bottles made of stainless steel. Some plastic water bottles may claim to be well insulated, but they cannot keep the temperature as long as steel. Many insulated water containers use a combination of copper and steel to ensure that your drink stays hot or cold for several hours at a time.


Reduce waste

Instead of replacing plastic water bottles frequently and sending more waste to the dump, you can use the stainless steel option without having to replace them because they are durable. Even ceramic cups are thrown away every year because they are not used. The more people buy stainless steel glasses and bottles, the less plastic that ends up in the landfill.


Excellent durability

It may not be wise to discard them, but stainless steel bottles and glasses will function normally when you discard them without perforations or severe dents. On the other hand, plastic containers may shatter or crack. By purchasing this durable material, you can guarantee a lifetime product.


Stylish appearance

Plastic sometimes seems a bit cheap, even if it is high-quality. However, no matter what you match, steel always looks stylish and fashionable. There are also many colorful stainless steel options, you can match them according to your taste!




The Difference in the Material of Drinkware


Ceramic Drinkware

It is very suitable for hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate and coffee, due to its maintenance of the temperature.

Ceramic is also a neutral material. This means that the material neither absorbs anything you drink nor imparts its flavor. This gives the beverage a stronger flavor and allows you to taste the "real" flavor of the beverage.


Stainless steel Drinkware

The beverage container made of stainless steel is very durable. Of course, it may show some dents here and there. No matter how many times it falls, it remains intact.

Another advantage of drinking fountains made of stainless steel is that they can maintain the temperature. This material helps maintain the heat of hot drinks and the temperature of cold drinks, just like ceramics.


Glass Drinkware

Beverages made of glass are prominent in homes, restaurants and other places in our daily lives. This is because glass drinkware is cheap, easy to manufacture, and easy to obtain.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Drinkware

Advantages of Stainless Steel Drinkware

The product is made of SUS304, ABS and silica gel material used for food contact, safe and healthy, suitable for four seasons, heat preservation and cold protection. Many designs have won prestigious design awards at home and abroad ( including the German IF Award ). Home, travel, business, a variety of series to meet your demand for fashion use of high quality.

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