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Features Of SVAP-X Vacuum Air Pot

Food contact material, Safe and Healthy

  • The product is made of SUS304 stainless steel food contact PP/silicone, safe and health

  • Double-wall vacuum,24 hours Long-term insulation, Non-electric heating, low carbon energy saving

  • portable handle ,easy to carry

Lifting ring design, easy to carry

  • Portable handle, easy to carry

  • The handle can afford the weight that 6 times as weight of pot with full-load

Durable pot lid, easy to clean

  • One-button press design saves efforts on pouring and provides a smooth water flow. The pressed airbag would be no damage under 300,000 times use by verifying.

  • Thickened pot lid, Insulated against the hot

  • Open the top cover at a 45 degree Angle for easy disassembly and clean, safe and healthy

Inner surface with electrolytic, easy to clean

  • The internal surface has EP treatment, uniform color, forming passivation film, not easy to stick stains, strong corrosion resistance.

Outlet with dynamic design

  • The outlet uses the principle of dynamic design, whose mouth is slightly inclined with smooth water and high concentration flow, the design makes water not easy to spill.

The hidden stainless steel outlet pipe

  • The outlet pipe is made of SUS 304 stainless steel. It's very healthy and safe

  • The outlet pipe with a hidden design highlighted the using function of the pot and make operation easier.

Embossing dot design, Wearable and Non-slip

  • Bottom concave and convex design, and set convex points, anti-slip and anti-wear.

  • SUS 304 stainless steel round plate with laser logo, Good quality comes from details

Specifications Of SVAP-X Vacuum Air Pot


104083  104082








SUS 304 stainless steel  and food contact PP or silicone

Temperature retention

above ? ℃ 10 hours

Packing Size





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