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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

SOLIDWARE is more than just a manufacturer of stainless steel goods, but also a part of this global society that our customers and our staff live in. We feel that it is our duty to create real value for society as a whole.

In our mind, the most important thing is to satisfy the customer, and we do that by producing the finest quality items that we can. Profits are nice, but we feel that we should be profitable only if our consumers are fully satisfied with our innovative products.

People are the most important resources and we do our best to make sure that our workers are happy, creating a working environment that is fulfilling. We also believe that we can perform all of our products in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. Through these efforts, we can help protect the environment as well as communities.

Working Staff

During production and other operations, SOLIDWARE employs many waste treatment processes as well as environmental monitoring systems in order to protect the environment as well as our workers. We also maintain a focus on improvement of production materials and techniques. In recent years we have discovered more environmentally friendly materials and processes to optimize products and minimize environmental impact.

SOLIDWARE Steel Houseware Production

All of our activities are not based on temporary or arbitrary ideas or decisions. We are engaged in establishing a system to ensure that every movement meets our long-term goals. SOLIDWARE has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, and  ISO45001 2018 occupational health and safety certified system. We promote technical innovation to cut down energy consumption, and to save resources, realizing sustainable development that benefits the environment as well as a manufacturer.

SOLIDWARE Steel Houseware Team Members Outreach Activities

Our staff is the lifeblood of our company and we take many steps to ensure the physical safety and mental wellbeing of our employees.

Depending on the different job types of our workers, all of our team members are provided with the proper safety equipment and three-level training system.

The training processes vary from different employees and they are tailored to maximize their knowledge and skills depending on their job type. We believe that everyone has the chance to make a difference in our organization and we do our best to give them all of the opportunities available for skill utilization and advancement.

Besides physical safety, we also employ measures to take care of the mental health of our staff. We create a comfortable working environment no matter which department our members are working in and we do our best to create a fun and relaxing culture within the company. We enjoy providing entertainment and activities to keep everyone energized and as stress-free as possible.