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Stainless Steel Vacuum Air Pot Wholesale

How to Use Airpot Vacuum Flasks?

  • The pump button or lever mechanism is set to open.

  • Squeeze the two buttons on the spout to release the lid button, and then lift the lid. (Press the button to release and lift the lid of the lever action pot)

  • Remove the flow tube and fill the air can with beverage. Replace the flow tube and cover.

  • Press the pump button repeatedly or move the lever down to pump out the contents and provide a drink.

How to Clean Coffee Airpots Thermo Flask?

1. Turn off the vacuum airpot flask. If you do not have an electric Air Pot or an Air Pot with a power button, please continue with the rest of the process.

2. Take the container to the sink and open the lid. Pour out the liquid inside and set the pot aside to cool.

3. Rinse the inner lining with hot water. Wipe the inner lining with a sponge tip bottle cleaner to remove any loose debris or mineral deposits. Rinse again.

4. Fill the dispenser with hot water and two or three drops of mild dishwashing detergent. Wait 10 minutes, and then wipe the inside with a sponge tip cleaner. Rinse the dispenser and sponge tip thoroughly to remove all detergent residue.

5. Refill the fuel tank with hot water and 2 tablespoons. Descale with vinegar at least once a month, or if you see any mineral deposits. Soak for 1 hour.

6. Close the lid, remove some solution from the nozzle to remove any buildup, and then reopen the lid. Wipe the inside with sponge head cleaner again. When finished, pour out the water and rinse the inside again.

7. Pour fresh hot water into the container, close the lid, and drain the water from the nozzle to rinse all the vinegar in the nozzle. Pour out the water.

8. Wipe the lid and outside of the dispenser with a slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth, and then wipe dry with the cloth. If there are stains on the outside, put a drop or two of mild detergent on the cloth and wipe the outside. Rinse with another cloth and wipe dry.

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Methods to Clean Vacuum Air Pots

Methods to Clean Vacuum Air Pots


Please do not put the vacuum air pot close to the heat or use a heating machine such as a microwave to heat the airpot vacuum flasks; Children should use the air pot flask under the guidance of adults, in order to avoid burns; Carbonated drinks and milk are not suggested to put in the pot.


Please clean the stainless steel vacuum air pot with neutral detergent before usage. Tighten the cover clockwise, in case of leakage; Please dry the tank when not in use for a long time.


Please do not use alkaline, chemical cleaning cloth, gasoline, or wire ball to clean the item.

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