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Features Of SVC-400H 400ML Vacuum Cup

Food material, safety and health

  • USE SUS304 material and food PP/ silicone material, Safe and healthy.

  • Has Patent design, stylish and practical

The cup is integrally formed without weld

  • Use a seamless vacuum and deep-drawn process, no welding line on the inner liner, insulation performance is more stable.

One key switch, one-hand operation

  • Press the key to open automatically and release automatically closed, easy to achieve one-hand operation.

  • The button has an anti-is-opening design. Even if it falls, the contact surface and the button are not in the same horizontal plane, so the button will not be activated by mistake.

The upper cover is detachable and easy to clean

  • The upper cover can be removed by rotating 60 degrees, easy to clean.

Wide bore, car bottom

  • Wide diameter, easy to place ice, and clean.

  • The bottom diameter of 60mm meets the requirements of most vehicle diameters

Inner tank electrolysis, easy to clean

  • The internal surface has EP treatment, uniform color, forming passivation film, not easy to stick stains, strong corrosion resistance.

The bottom is concave and stable

  • Adopts thicker SUS304, stronger and more durable.

  • The concave design at the bottom improves the stability of the placing table by forming a uniform base around the concave bottom.

Specifications of SVC-400H 400ML Vacuum Cup








Natural color, white, iron-gray, red


SUS304 material and food PP/ silicone material 

Temperature retention

OVER 52℃(6 hours)

Packing Size




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