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Features Of SVJ-750 1250 0.75/1.25L Vacuum Food Jar

Food materials, safety and health

  • The stainless steel vacuum food jar is made of austenitic stainless steel 06cr19ni10 (stainless steel SUS304), and the part in contact with water is made of PP and silica gel for food contact, which is safe and healthy.

The mouth is delicate and the quality is exquisite

  • The mouth is polished smooth, with even and fine sanding lines, reducing the texture of metal itself.

  • The cover can be made into a small bowl for sharing.

Electrolytic treatment for easy cleaning

The thickened base for durability

  • Inner surface electrolytic treatment, uniform color, lustrous, forming a passive film, not easy to adhere to stains, easy to clean, strong corrosion resistance.

  • Thick steel SUS304 is used, which is more durable.

  • Concave bottom design, forming a uniform base around the concave bottom, improving the stability on the table.

Specifications of SVJ-750 1250 0.75/1.25L Vacuum Food Jar








natural color


SUS304), PP, Silicone material

Heat preservation aging

above 60 / 70 ℃ (6 hours)

Package size

130 * 130 * 235mm

1.25l no size

Package specification

12 pieces / case

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