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What Do I Need to Check when Buying a Vacuum Flask?

Vacuum insulated cups are our common drinking tools. Buying vacuum insulated cups is a problem that many of our consumers will encounter. However, there are various types of vacuum flasks on the market, and the quality is uneven. Many profiteers charge them shoddy, and the price difference is relatively large, which will cause many consumers to be confused when purchasing an airpot thermos flask. I spent a lot of money on bad products, so consumers don't know how to buy a thermos. Today we will lead you to see what are the ways to buy a vacuum insulated cup?

1. The logos on the packaging of the vacuum thermos should be checked, including the name of the factory, the trademark, the implementation standard, the stainless steel material of the inner tank and the outer shell of the product, the material of the plastic parts, the thermal insulation effect, the capacity specification, and the "food contact use". Typeface and other information.

2. Check the vacuum thermos cup body and lid and other components for hand-cutting burrs. The poor quality of plastic parts will not only affect the service life, but also affect drinking water hygiene; especially the cup mouth, see whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent. Whether it is round, the mouth of the inferior vacuum flask is uneven or oval, it is related to whether it is comfortable to drink water.

3. Check whether there are obvious surface defects such as peeling paint on the body and lid of the vacuum thermos cup, whether the surface polishing of the inner tank and the outer tank is uniform, and whether there are defects such as bumps and scratches.

4. For products with handles, straps or suspenders, the fastness strength should be checked, especially for children's products.

5. Check whether the main accessories such as the lid of the steel vacuum cup and the switch button are normal, whether the internal seal is tight, whether the screw plug and the cup body are properly matched, whether they are screwed in and out freely, and whether there is water leakage. Fill a full glass of water and invert it for five minutes or give it a few vigorous shakes to check for leaks.

6. There are many product categories of vacuum insulation cups, please choose correctly according to different use environments and needs. Under the same conditions, the larger the capacity and the smaller the cup mouth, the longer the heat preservation time.

7. The thermal insulation performance of the vacuum insulated cup is the main indicator of the vacuum insulated cup. Generally, it is impossible to check according to the standard when purchasing, but it can be checked by hand after filling with hot water for about 5 minutes. The lower part of the cup body will be hot after two minutes of filling the hot water with hot water, while the lower part of the insulated cup is always cool.

8. The material difference of vacuum thermos cups, 201 stainless steel belongs to industrial grade, the characteristics of high manganese and high carbon make its color relatively dull, and at the same time it is relatively hard, and the material appears rough and not smooth; 304 belongs to food grade (processing and storage), The characteristics of high nickel make it more resistant to oxidation, acid and alkali, and of course the cost is higher (because the current market price of chrome-nickel is higher), the color of 304 is brighter, matte and smoother. ; 316 has similar characteristics and belongs to medical grade. On the basis of 304, 2% molybdenum is added, and there is no thermal expansion and contraction. It is often used in the manufacture of precision instruments.

Advice: Try to go to regular supermarkets and official channels to buy thermos cups. Most of the inferior products produced by illegal merchants who make fake vacuum insulated cups go to small shops. You should pay attention to distinguishing them.

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