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Methods for Removing Peculiar Smell in Vacuum Insulated Cups

What are the ways to remove the smell of the vacuum insulated cup? Let's look together!

Newly bought vacuum insulated cups sometimes have the smell of plastic or stainless steel metal; long-used vacuum insulated cups will inevitably have the smell of water stains inside, which has a great impact on our health. Is there any good deodorization method for vacuum insulated cup?

1. Deodorizing method of salt water in vacuum insulated cup

First clean the cup with detergent, then pour the diluted brine into the cup, shake it evenly, leave it for two hours, and finally clean the cup.

2. Deodorizing method of milk in vacuum insulated cup

Clean the cup with detergent first, then pour two tablespoons of fresh milk into the cup, tighten the lid of the cup, and shake it evenly for about one minute. Finally, pour out the milk and clean the vacuum insulated cup.

3. Deodorizing method of orange peel in vacuum insulated cup

Clean the inside of the cup with detergent first, then put the fresh orange peel into the cup, tighten the lid of the cup, leave it for about four hours, and finally clean the inside of the cup. Orange peels can also be replaced with lemons in the same way.

4. Deodorizing method of strong tea in a vacuum insulated cup

You can use some strong flavor tea leaves, such as Tieguanyin, Pu'er, etc., fill it up with boiling water, cover the lid and wait for 15 minutes, then pour it out and wash it again. There will be no taste.

If none of the above methods can remove the peculiar smell of the steel vacuum cup, and the vacuum insulated cup can emit a strong pungent odor after the hot water is poured into it, it is recommended not to use this cup for drinking. Because this may be because the material of the vacuum insulated cup itself is not good, it is better to give it up and buy another thermos cup made by a regular manufacturer with a guaranteed quality that is safer.

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