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Introduction of the Daily Use and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

Ⅰ. Before using a stainless coffee pot

1. After installing the stainless coffee pot, check if the power cord is connected properly, if there is any crack or damage, so as to avoid electric shock. Disinfect the pot with boiling water, remove dust, and use it under sanitary conditions.

2. Please note that only when the boiler pressure pointer reaches the green area (1 ~ 1.2bar) can it be used; When using the steam bar, hot water outlet nozzle and cooking outlet temperature is very high, please do not expose your hands nearby, in order to prevent damage caused by high temperature.

3. Put proper amount of coffee powder into the handle of the filter cup, and press it carefully with the press handle. Do not let the coffee powder residue stay at the edge of the filter cup, so as to prevent air from entering the stainless coffee pot in the process of cooking and reduce the pressure, but also prolong the life of the cooking head gasket.

Ⅱ. How to use stainless coffee pot correctly

1. The stainless insulated coffee pot should not be boiled without water, and should not be filled with too much water, otherwise the boiling water will overflow and wet the electric heating element. At the same time, when adding water, do not let the water splash on the electrical parts of the coffee pot, so as not to reduce the insulation function.

2. In order to prevent overheating danger, please keep the power supply smooth. The ventilation inlet and outlet should not be blocked. Do not cover the warm cup holder with towel or similar thing except cup plate.

3. Pay attention to observe if the water pressure value on the pressure gauge is in the green area (8 ~ 10bar) when the stable pressure motor pumps water.

4. Do not use stainless coffee pot when water is cut off.

Ⅲ. Maintenance of stainless coffee pot after use

1. After using or cleaning the stainless steel vacuum coffee pot, take a dry cloth to dry it, placed in the place where children are not easy to touch, can not be inverted, do not press with heavy objects

2. Any accessories of the machine and equipment should not be washed with iron wire, steel brush and other similar articles. It is necessary to wipe carefully with a damp cloth.

3. The stainless coffee pot should be descaled regularly.2-5 times descaling a year according to the use of stainless coffee pot. The specific method is to take 2 cups of water into the water tank, and then take 50ml vinegar, and then drip a cup of water according to the coffee making procedure, let it alone for 20 minutes, and then start to drain all the water in the water tank. After 5 minutes of shutdown, re-operate with water once or twice

4. It is necessary to dry the cup thoroughly before placing the cup on the warm cup holder. Do not place other items on the warm cup holder except the cup plate.

5. It should be pointed out that when you clean the coffee air pot, the pot body should not be immersed in water directly. You should take out the filter screen and filter and clean separately. Other parts should be wiped with a clean soft cloth.

6. When you clean the leakage and filter net , soak them in water for a period of time, and then wash with water, back and forth, do not use hard object to scrap, or it will be damaged, and affect the use.

7. If the stainless steel coffee pot is not used for a long time, please turn off the power and release the pressure in the machine boiler completely

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