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What is the Best Hot Coffee Maker?

The stainless inner wall of vacuum coffee pot is safe and environmental: coffee stainless steel carafe is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, can directly contact with the human body. It is healthy and safe to use.

The vacuum coffee pot also has one-click pour water function, which make it safe and convenient to use, and effectively avoid the hand hurt by hot water. Coffee stainless steel carafe is made of food grade PP, easy to clean, and is healthy and environmental. Silicone seals are used to prevent corrosion and rust.

The anti-slip handle of coffee stainless steel carafe is beautiful and comfortable. The inside of the PP handle use anti-slip design, and it is anti-slip, beautiful, and more comfortable. The leak-proof spout pours water easily. The outlet is designed far away from dripping water, so it convenient to pour water. The design prevents hot water scald, and ensures the body surface clean and tidy.

As one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of stainless steel containers,our amazing stainless steel products are loved by customers, so what are the best coffee pot? Let's take a look

1. SVP-BT Vacuum Coffee Pot

Our SVP-BT vacuum coffee pot is made from SUS304, food contact polypropylene and silicone, which is safe and healthy. Duck mouth shape is easy to accurately pour out coffee / water smooth and not easy to splash. Comfort handle is the perfect ergonomic design for easy operation. Using thicken steel at the bottom makes the SVP-BT stainless steel vacuum coffee maker wear-resistant.

2. SVP-CX Vacuum Stainless Steel Filter Coffee Pot

The SVP-CX Vacuum stainless steel filter coffee pot won the "Red Dot" Award at German and the "CF" Award at the Canton Fair, for its unique design and high quality.

3. SVP-D Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffee Pot

The SVP-D stainless steel vacuum coffee pot is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and all plastic parts are made of food contact PP or silicone, it is very safe and healthy. The outlet of this coffee air pot uses a drip-proof design to avoid dripping, and uses large-caliber design for easy cleaning and inputting water.

4. SVP-I Coffee Vacuum Thermos Pot

The SVP-I coffee vacuum thermos pot is made of SUS304 stainless steel.All plastic parts are made of food grade contact PP or silicone and are very safe and healthy. Our vacuum coffee pot can keep hot and cool all seasons, which is the best choice for luxury hotels and clubs.

5. SVP-IH Coffee Stainless Steel Carafe

The SVP-IH coffee stainless steel carafe is made of SUS304 stainless steel.All plastic parts are made of food contact ABS or silicone. The SVP-IH coffee stainless steel carafe has excellent heat preservation and cooling capacity. They are your best choice.

6. SVP-R Vacuum Insulated Coffee Pot

SVP-R vacuum insulation coffee pot is made of SUS304 stainless steel, its traditional and classic shape shows you the charm of richness and elegance. Duck mouth outlet let the pot more imposing. Our coffee pot has the perfect ergonomic design and is easy to take. The bottom with concave rings is made of thick steel, making our coffee pot durable and practical.

7. SVP-1600C-D Vacuum Coffee Pot

The SVP-1600C-D vacuum coffee pot uses safe SUS304 and food PP / silicone as the main material.It is safe and healthy to use it. This vacuum coffee pot is designed by SOLIDWARE professionals, which has a pot lid with a bucket button. One-button design is convenient for one-hand operation. In addition it is equipped with ergonomic handles. You will feel comfortable while using this pot. Finally, with a large-caliber design, this stainless steel coffee pot is easy to pour water and clean.

8. SVP-1700WT Vacuum Coffee Pot

The main materials for SOLIDWARE's SVP-1700WT Vacuum coffee pot are safe SUS304 steel and food contact grade PP / silicone. With a one-button press and an ergonomic handle, this stainless steel vacuum pot is very easy for one-hand operation. The pot adopts an eccentric pouring structure and it is easy to pour water or other drinks.

9. SVP-1600GH Vacuum Coffee Pot

The pot is made of food grade materials, safety and health. It uses SUS304 and food grade PP / silicone, has one-button operation, and it's available for one-handed operation. The ergonomic handle feels comfortable. Easy emptying from a minimum angle of 25 degrees.

10. SVP-2000WT Vacuum Coffee Pot

Color: Natural Color / Gold / Blue;

Capacity: 11,600ML/2000ML;

Insulation: 76 C (1600ml) after 6h and 77 C (2000ml) after 6h.

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