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Application, Classification and Production Process of Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

1. Stainless steel sports bottles can be divided into three categories according to the application

There are many classifications of stainless steel gym bottles. This time, they are mainly classified according to the application of sports water bottles in daily life. There are mainly three categories: sports type, outdoor type, and student type.

(1) Sports type - refers to the water bottle used for some relatively intense sports, such as running, mountain climbing, etc. It is characterized by more emphasis on the quality and sealing function of the buckle.

(2) Outdoor type - refers to the water bottle used for hiking, picnic, tourism, and other occasions, and is characterized by more lightweight and various forms of hanging buckles.

(3) Student type - it can be said that it is similar to the outdoor bottle. Because it is used by children, there are differences in the design and production of the bottle. The stainless steel sports bottle for students is more convenient and easy to use. For example, it can be uncapped by rotating instead of opening the plug.

2. Several major manufacturing processes of stainless steel sports bottles

With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more outdoor sports enthusiasts. A high-quality sports bottle is an indispensable item for outdoor sports, but few know its production technology. This article will tell you the production technology of stainless steel gym bottles:

(1) Process of the outer shell: outer tube requisition - cutting tube - bulging - segmenting - bulging - rolling middle angle - shrinking bottom - cutting bottom - punching ribbon - flat top opening - punching bottom - flat bottom opening - cleaning and drying - knocking pit for inspection - qualified outer shell;

(2) Process of the inner shell: inner tube requisition - cutting tube - flat-tube - bulging - rolling upper angle - flat top opening - flat bottom opening - rolling thread - cleaning and drying - knocking pit for inspection - butt welding - test for water leakage - drying - qualified inner shell;

(3) The assembly process of the outer shell and the inner shell: matching the bottle mouth - welding mouth - pressing the midsole - welding bottom - inspecting the welding bottom and welding bottom - midsole spot welding getter - vacuuming - temperature measurement - electrolysis - polishing - temperature measurement - inspection and polishing - pressing the outsole - painting - sampling temperature - inspection painting - silk screen printing-packaging - warehousing of the finished product.

As a professional sports bottle supplier, our steel sports bottles are made of food-level materials, allowing you to drink healthier water. With the guide water absorption device, you can drink water without raising your head to achieve a larger opening angle. Different sizes of SUS340 stainless steel bottles are suitable for different sizes of bicycles. The triangular ring cover ensures it is easy to carry and is suitable for exercise. It can also be hung on a sports backpack. For more information on stainless steel gym bottles, please contact Solidware for the wholesale of stainless steel gym bottles.

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